The 2015 FLW Forrest Wood Cup took place this weekend on Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs, AR. The nations top anglers were all together in one place, and it was absolutely a special event. John Hunter, after being named the 2015 FLW Co-Angler of the Year, was one of 50 co-anglers participating in the biggest tournament to date in his young career.

Though the tournament didn't go as planned in terms of the actually results, Hunter still gained some priceless experience and made sure to take in all the lessons he could throughout the tournament.

"Absolutely it was a valuable tournament for me just in terms of the experience I've gained. Being with the best of the best, those who compete at the highest levels, was a dream come true and absolutely made me even more hungry for what lies ahead," Hunter said after the tournament.

John will most likely look to turn over to the professional side next season, after having competed on the tour as a co-angler this year. He has one tournament remaining, the last of the Bassmaters Northern Opens on Lake Erie, where he will look to finish strong as he is in the mix to qualify for the Bassmaters Elite Series.

There is little to argue about in terms of what the future holds for John Hunter as the path ahead seems very bright for the young angler.